Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cocoa Cupcakes - Recipe

As promised on a previous post, I'm sharing the recipe for my easy, simple and delicious cocoa cupcakes. It makes for 5 or 6 cupcakes, not too sweet, but with an intense and wonderful cocoa taste... and smell!
This recipe is extremely easy and it doesn't make a big mess in the kitchen, so it became my "mid-night saviour , while in the middle of a series marathon, at late hours, and feel in need of something yummy.
It's a blessing and a curse...

2 table spoons butter (melted, 30 sec in the microwave)
1/3 cup sugar
1 egg
2 table spoons cocoa powder
½ tea spoon vanilla aroma 
½ cup flower + ½ tea spoon baking powder
2 table spoons milk

Pre-heat the oven at 180.C.
Use a small bowl and a whisker. Add the ingredients by the order above mixing well after each one. 
I use two VERY full spoons of cocoa because I really want to get an intense flavour.
Put 5 or 6 cupcake paper cups in a cupcake pan (no need to pre grease anything or wash the cups later) and distribute the batter using a table spoon.
Bakes for 15 minutes. 
I advise waiting a bit before eating them but in an emergency they go down well while still hot (because of the wonderful smell they release it's difficult to resist) with a cup of milk.

That was the basic recipe. But if you want to make it more fancy, then it's time to put that electric mixer to work, and get a nice frosting on your cupcakes. I personally love them simply with whipped cream. But today I tried a mascarpone and cocoa frosting. the mascarpone is to replace the typical butter-cream because Emil finds it too sweet.

4 table spoons mascarpone
2 table spoons heavy cream (might work with milk or sour cream)
2 table spoons cocoa powder
2 table spoons confectioners sugar
½ tea spoon vanilla aroma
a pinch of salt

Mix everything well and apply it with a piping bag and add a few sprinkle of chocolate on top, to make it more pretty. 

all photos by me

Hope you like it as much as we do here!
Have a great weekend.

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