Monday, 17 September 2012

Orange and Blackcurrants Muffins - recipe

Last week, my friend Linda suggested we should go pick blackcurrants to make some jam. Before I moved to Denmark I was always very much of a city girl, so picking my own berries sounded really exciting... plus, I had no idea what blackcurrants were! With the help of Google translate I found out it was something that I only knew from a concentrated drink but had never actually seen the fruit. It was a fun and new experience, and when I got home I just couldn't wait to make the jam. I left the blackcurrants in the sink, in cold water, for 30 min. and then followed, more or lees, the same recipe that I use for strawberry jam, only this time I actually used half the weight of the berries of sugar. (note: the damn things release a lot of juice when you handle them, careful with stains in your clothes or even the kitchen counter).

I saved a few berries but wasn't sure what to do with them until I saw some muffins on TV (on a commercial I think, wasn't really paying attention) and decided that that's what I wanted - blackcurrant muffins. I looked up some cake recipes and picked my grandmothers orange cake. I figured it would be consistent enough for muffins, I liked the idea of the 2 flavours together and... I had oranges at home. The idea was to make just some normal cake mixture, pour it in silicone muffin forms and add blackcurrants (I also made some with little pieces of dark chocolate for Emil  because he doesn't like berries).

The result was delicious! So I'm writing here the recipe:

250g sugar
150g butter
250g all purpose flour
4 eggs (separate yolks and whites)
1 big orange (zest and juice)
2 tea spoons baking powder
100 ml milk
a few blackcurrants

Pre-heat the oven at 180.C
Mix the sugar with the butter. Beat well.
Add the yolks and the orange zest. Beat a bit more.
Alternate adding the flour and the milk. Beat slowly.
Add the orange juice. Beat again.
Beat the egg whites until stiffened and then mix them by hand with the rest of the cake mixture.
Pour the mixture in muffin forms and add 3 blackcurrants to each.
Goes to the oven for 20 min. (for a cake it should take 1 hour in the oven)

all photos by me

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