Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Oats Pancakes

I've posted a recipe for pancakes before. But after a few months of normal pancakes, time has arrived for the diet pancakes. When I first heard of this recipe, from my mother, I thought it was a weird thing. But after actually giving it a try I loved it, and it's the only pancakes I have now. It's really simple and... hey! It's healthy too (well depends on what you put on them after).

1,5 spoon of oats
1,5 spoon of cottage cheese
1 egg
a pinch of salt

Mix all in the blender. 
Fry in a well heated frying pan with a tiny bit of olive oil...I'm Portuguese, we cook everything with olive oil.
The recipe is for 1 pancake, so just multiply it for how many you want to make. 
And Ta-da, ready to eat. I cut mine in small circles with the help of a glass, and had it with cottage cheese (to be healthy) and my home made strawberry jam (to be yummy). 

all photos by me

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