Friday, 13 November 2015

| ZARA mini collection editorial AW2015 |

Yes, my life is ruled by baby stuff now...sigh...
At least it's cute stuff!
styling: April and May
photography: Beeldsteil
via: ZARA

Sunday, 1 November 2015

| to sleep like a baby |

This post is a small but very needed rant of a sleep deprived new (5 months) mother...

Some weeks back (I don't know when, time is a blur) I returned to blogging after having had my baby boy. I told you he was sleeping 7 straight hours a night and that allowed me proper rest and some surplus of energy to work on my blog. Well....Jinxed! Just a few days after that he went into a sleep regression and started waking up every 45 minutes...

And so my husband and I are back to feeling like zombies...dragging ourselves through the days... happy with the little one, obviously (he is actually a little angel in all other aspects), but so damned exhausted! We have some better nights, and some really horrific ones. Like when there's so much tossing and turning that we stay awake anxiously just waiting for that moment when he loses his pacifier and starts screaming.

So seriously, who was the genius that thought that "to sleep like a baby"should be synonym of sleeping well?!?! The expression should be "to sleep without a baby"!

photo by April and May
photo via EEF lillemor
photo via ByNord
photo by Kjerstislykke

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