Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Why I've Been Away + Baby Wall

Exactly 3 months ago, I went through the most horrible and traumatizing experience with the best and most wonderful result - I became a mother for the first time (and probably last, at least while I remember the process). My brain has been mushy, most of the days are just a blurry memory, I've been in a huge amount of pain, sleep deprived and my house is chaotic (at any given time we have about 10 cloth diapers spread strategically place around the house).

I couldn't trust myself to have a coherent thought let alone write a coherent post.

But a few days ago things started to get better. My son, has been sleeping seven straight hours a night, which contributed immensely to mine and my husband's sanity. And I recovered from most of the crap - apologies for the language - that afflicted me after the birth (if I believed in such things I would swear I'd been cursed).

 So I wanted to make this post, to let all my readers now that I intend to come back and hopefully restart sharing regularly some inspiring images, beautiful interiors and delicious recipes. At least as much as my little Viking allows me to.

And since I'm here, I leave you some photos of the gallery wall I'm building for him. He sleeps facing the wall so I try to put up some images to catch his attention, including the lyrics of his favourite lullaby - the baby likes words, and it helps me and my husband because we're too old to memorize it!

photography by | life as a moodboard |


  1. I'll send you all love wishes. Everything will be fine. You will see :)
    Because life is a mood board. With all its good and bad times.

    1. Thank you so much! You're absolutely right :)


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