Wednesday, 4 February 2015

It's a Boy! | Looking for Inspiration

Three weeks ago we found out the gender of the baby we are expecting. And just in case the tittle of this post didn't give it away...It's a boy!

I can honestly say I had no preference. I wasn't rooting for one or the other and was sure to be very happy either way. And all that was true but I hadn't realised one thing - the last two babies in my family were girls, I'm a girl, I know what girls like, what they dress what they play with and... somehow when I imagined the baby's room I always pictured a girls room! 

So my first thought, as I was lying on the ultrasound table, was that my nephew will be hysterical that I'm having a boy (he really, REALLY, wanted it to be a boy). My second thought was...oh oh, a boy's room...need to figure out a boy's room!

So for the last three weeks I've been immersing myself in baby boy's stuff. I've got some really adorable clothes (one word - overalls!), and have been looking at tons of images on Pinterest  (I have a [ Kids ] board with images both for boys and girls) searching for inspiration for his bedroom.

I narrowed it all down to three styles that I really like: 1. black and white graphic, 2. soft tones nature inspired, and 3. vintage/retro details; all with a Scandinavian feeling. Knowing myself I'll probably end up trying to manage a mix of these three. But I'm planning a series of posts with different examples to explore each type a bit more deeply, and maybe inspire some of my readers. 

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  1. That's a wonderful news! Congratulations:)


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