Sunday, 22 February 2015

Boy's Room Inspiration | graphic + black and white

If you read my last post, you know I'm expecting my first child - a boy - and that I've been looking for inspiration for his future nursery/room.

One of the styles I'm more fond of is the graphic + black and white room.
I found this example from SISSY+MARLEY (you can see more of their portfolio on Pinterest here) and I'll tell you what I like more and less about it. 
project by SISSY+MARLEY
all images via: Project Nursery

I like the black and white. There!... I can't help it. I'm not a big fan of a lot of colour. I absolutely hate those rooms that are all pink or all blue and everything matches. They give me nightmares and I simply can't have it. I love neutral colours as a canvas, and then yes, then I can introduce some colourful details: with the books, the toys, some clothes...

I don't really like the starts on the wall... to me it's too much. A white wall there, maybe with a frame or a poster, would have been much more to my style. 

I'm also not crazy about some of the pop design elements that we've been seeing spread and repeated till exhaustion in many interior design blogs: like the batman poster or the big Lego head. But once again this is due to my personal taste. I much rather prefer the vintage vibe from the leather trunk dresser.

Now the best part for me, and something that tends to be a theme in black and white children's rooms, is the chalkboard wallpaper. There's just so many things we can do with it, so many inventive and fun ways to use it that I'm 100% sure that that will be part of my little Matheus' room.

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