Friday, 21 November 2014

Turn on the lights! | Styling for Autumn

It's true that during the Summer we get these wonderfully long days, here in Denmark, with lots of light from early morning until very late in the evening. But in the Autumn and Winter we get (suffer!) the exact opposite...

Now that the days are noticeably shorter I wanted to share with you this apartment from Fantastic Frank, beautifully styled to translate an Autumn Mood. The lights turned on on every room are necessary even during the day because it's very dark anyway, unless the sun decides to grace us with it's presence and that doesn't happen often. 

The various lamps give the rooms a warm colour and cosy - hyggeligt - atmosphere, that is absolutely fundamental to survive the Winter blues (it's that and chocolates). I only wished they had also used some candles because that would give it an even more Scandinavian feeling.
styling: Thomas Lingsell
photography: Emily Laye

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