Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Kids Rooms Inspiration | Kid&Coe

This house isn't in Scandinavia, but it could have been. The light, bright and whimsical style is very similar to many Scandinavian interiors that I have shared here before. 
But this one is in Amsterdam, and it's a house for rent through Kid&Coe
Never heard of it? I hadn't either...

I have seen some of these photos on several interior design blogs  and on Pinterest, but only today I actually went and properly checked out where they came from. 
Kid&Coe is a vacation rental website for families...Yes! because people with kids also like to travel. On their website you can find kid friendly homes for rent, all over the world, accompanied by guides and suggestions that intend to make your life simpler and more relaxed when travelling with children.

How great is that?! I for one, think it's wonderful. 
My extended family loves travelling together (yes, we move as a pack), and the kids are always a big concern when it comes to choosing a place to stay. 
all images via: Kid&Coe

Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Green Kitchen

Today I'm sharing this kitchen with it's fresh soft green tones. 
The whole house is decorated in green tones, and you can see more of it here

But personally I'm loving the kitchen. 
It feels fresh and perfect for a Spring mood. 
The couple that lives here adapted an old work table by covering the top with white tiles, a beautiful and easy solution that adds lots of personality to the space. They also used the same tiles on the backsplash and counters top, tying it all together in a practical and cheap way. 
And how gorgeous is the single open shelve with all those mason jars displaying the cooking ingredients?

photography: Morten Holtum

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Storage Creativity | Scandinavian Style

This is architect Friederike Faller's home in Denmark. 
A 94 m2 apartment where you can find smart and creative details, especial when it comes to storage. The high shelves and nooks, provide a lot of storage in spaces that normally aren't used, while still allowing the home to feel spacious and uncluttered.

photography: Mikkel Adsbøl
all images via: BoligLiv

Monday, 14 April 2014

TEA MUG | design crush

The Pell Mug by Nendo, for COS (Collection Of Style)...beautiful and practical.

I'm a bit of a "neat freak" (within reasonable limits, I think...) , so I obviously fell in love with the nice details for the spoon and for the tea bag!

images via: COS

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Concrete Table | design crush

The Concrete Table is designed by Sigurd Larsen, a Danish architect based in Berlim.
I love the combination of the oak wood and concrete and the small compartments that can be used to organize so many different things...

...I just wonder how much this thing weighs?!

images via: Sigurd Larsen

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

the home of...Joanna Laajisto

Today, another entry for  'the home of...' category. 
Let's take a peak at the home of Joanna Laajisto.
Remember her? I made a post about one of her designs, the Edit Lamp, almost a year ago.
Actually, you can see that lamp hanging in her living room's wall.

Scandinavian style, white and fresh....just like Spring!
photography: Mikko Ryhänen
image source: Residence

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