Tuesday, 18 February 2014

ORGANIZED INSPIRATION | Elle decoration's image gallery

Great News! 
The Swedish Elle Decoration has created an Image Gallery on their website. The images are organized by categories, by room or a more specific theme, which great when searching for inspiration. Now, like a fellow blogger already noted, they just need to add an option of searching by colour to make it even better.

The site is written in Swedish, of course, but the Image Gallery is very simple, and with a bit of help from Google Translate, you can easily find your way around it. And, something that I appreciate immensely, below all images you can find the name of the photographer and a link to the on-line article. Got to appreciate the little things...
photography: Pia Ulin

As I was exploring the gallery for the first time, choosing the photos to illustrate this article, I found out I'm biased towards the work of photographer Pia Ulin. All my choices were from her, and I didn't know it before hand. They belong to two different homes but both stunning in their monochromatic tones and industrial details  

What are you waiting for? Go get inspired...

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  1. Hello Catarina,
    thank you for this great information! Your blog is very inspiring. I like it that you arrange it by themes and colours. Um grande abra├žo from Hamburg J.


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