Tuesday, 14 January 2014

HOUSE TOUR | Villa Vals

I recently saw this house on TV and decided to investigate it a bit further and share it with you. What captivated me was it's architecture so there may be a bit more talk involved on this post... I think it's worth it so bear with me please!

The house was designed by Bjarne Mastenbroek (seARCH) and Christian Müller (CMA), and it was completed in 2009. It's unusual shape and the fact that it's partially buried in the mountain slope came from the architects wish of completely integrating the building into the landscape. 

Villa Vals got it's name from it's location, in the Swiss Alps, in a village called Vals. You may have heard of this place before because that's where the amazing Therms designed by Peter Zumthor are located. They are actually just a short distance away from this house. When I visited the Therms I was very turned off by the hotel in which they are integrated. I will never forget that the wonderful experience that was to perambulate through Zumthor's spaces came preceded by the most awkward feeling of entering through some sort of parking lot with neon lights... (those neons are engraved in my mind and not in a pleasant way). So I was very happy when I found out that Villa Vals is actually a holiday house that can be rented for couples or family vacation, and would definitely, oh most definitely!, make the whole visit to the therms and this beautiful valley a much better experience. 
The entrance to the house is made through an old barn with an underground tunnel that leads to the main building.

The kitchen is the heart of the house. 
It's situated on the lower level of the building and has direct access to a terrace and an open view to the alpine landscape.

The interior design and decoration involved the collaboration of several modern Dutch designers and companies. You can find a list of said collaborations here.

The bedrooms are a play of volumes in several levels and with a much more intimate and secluded feeling. The windows frame and condition the views. Nooks and crannies provide spaces of contemplation.
all photos by Iwan Baan

I just love the whole scheme of the house, and all it's delicious details... 
If you are curious about the plans you can find them here

I tried not to be to exhaustive and I hope you liked the tour!

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