Thursday, 23 January 2014

&Tradition for 2014

One of my favourite design companies is, without a doubt, the Danish &Tradition. Even If I'm not crazy about every single one of their products, I love their general image and their vision... and of course the styling of their catalogues.

In these new photos for the 2014 catalogue you can notice the tendency for the soft pink/nude tones in the whole atmosphere, the marble in their Fly Lounge Table top, and the copper in the new version of the classic Verner Pantone's flower pot. And, though it's not something new, I can't get tired of looking a the Fly Sofa (which has a special spot in my 'dream home' list).
all photos via &Traditon

What do you think? Is &Tradition a place where you can find inspiration for your own home?

1 comment:

  1. That last photo is on my pinterest as "living room perfection" for some weeks. So great. The other photos are just as great! :)


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