Monday, 22 December 2014

Hello...Ho! Ho!

A photo from my Instagram with some of my DIY Christmas decorations.

- The Hello...Ho! Ho! print you can find below on this same post. 
- For the hanging stars all you need is black cardboard, a white thick thread and a star shaped cookie cuter. 
- The jar is actually a chocolate milk bottle covered with chalkboard paint (you can see the DIY here). 
- And I placed some string lights inside a metal plant pot for an unexpected effect. 

The decorations are all done, now I just need to do (a lot) of baking!
photography and print by | life as a moodboard |

Friday, 21 November 2014

Turn on the lights! | Styling for Autumn

It's true that during the Summer we get these wonderfully long days, here in Denmark, with lots of light from early morning until very late in the evening. But in the Autumn and Winter we get (suffer!) the exact opposite...

Now that the days are noticeably shorter I wanted to share with you this apartment from Fantastic Frank, beautifully styled to translate an Autumn Mood. The lights turned on on every room are necessary even during the day because it's very dark anyway, unless the sun decides to grace us with it's presence and that doesn't happen often. 

The various lamps give the rooms a warm colour and cosy - hyggeligt - atmosphere, that is absolutely fundamental to survive the Winter blues (it's that and chocolates). I only wished they had also used some candles because that would give it an even more Scandinavian feeling.
styling: Thomas Lingsell
photography: Emily Laye

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Black and White Stairs

Today I want to show you these wonderfully graphic black and white stairs. They were introduced in an old apartment in Stockholm during it's renovation by Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter

The result is a beautiful and extraordinary new architectural element that stands out while still belonging to this space.
styling: Sofie Ganeva
photography: Emily Laye

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

For Rest | want!

I'm in love with the 'For Rest' print from One Must Dash.
It's a real rest for my eyes... and I just feel like getting lost in the fog in the middle of those trees.
This would definitely have a place on my wall.
grey, black and white, forest, photography, print, home decor, design,
 photo via: One Must Dash

Monday, 10 November 2014

On Instagram (at last)

Yes! I have Instagram now!
I'm still getting the hang of it but I'm having lots of fun and loving it. 

You can check my profile here: life_as_a_mooboard. And I also added an Instagram button on the right column, next to my other social networks.

Now I just need a little bit more natural light to use anything as an excuse to walk around the house taking more of these snapshots.
photography by | life as a moodboard |

Friday, 7 November 2014

Dark&White Scandinavian Kitchen

Today I want to show you this gorgeous kitchen in a 155m2 Danish apartment from 1908.

I love that it looks so elegant and yet cosy - with big contrasts of dark and white and a masterful mixture of vintage and contemporary design pieces. 
A perfect fit for this wonderful, huge space with it's old, high ceilings in plaster.
photography: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer
all images via: Femina

Product Help:
In the dining space, the wall lamp - 265 - is from Flos, designed by Paolo Rizzato, and the chairs are a mix of the Eames plastic chairs from Vitra

The kitchen furniture was specially made for this apartment by the Danish company CPH square, and the beautiful and huge pendant - Taraxacum 88 S - is designed by Achille Castiglioni also from Flos.

On the side wall you can see the Stendig Calendar, designed by Massimon Vignelli and to the left a Gubi black stool.

Friday, 31 October 2014

A bun in the oven!

No, this isn't a post with a delicious bread recipe (sorry to disappoint)...
... this is another kind of bun and the reason why I have been away for over a month.

I was about to start IVF treatments when I found out I was pregnant! As you can imagine it came as a huge surprise... more like a shock - thus the 2 home pregnancy tests, plus one at the doctor (and I still had trouble believing it!).

I'm still in the first trimester and have been experiencing a roller-coaster of feelings and symptoms. And I couldn't seem to be able to focus on something for more than 5 min... which resulted on this long absence from the blog. 

But I'm starting to feel more human again (yey!) and I intend to come back very soon... I miss it so much! (Just be warned that there might be an increase on children's bedrooms inspiration).

Monday, 29 September 2014

&Tradition | &Autumn

I really love these photos from &Tradition.

The photos were taken on the new &Tradition showroom designed by Norm Architects, and feature their new releases for the Autumn of 2014- like the beautiful Marble Lights. 

A gorgeous atmosphere of Nordic simplicity and minimalism.
photography: Federico Cedrone

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Black and White Kitchen

Today I'm loving this kitchen - with a bit of a dramatic flair - found on Fantastic Frank.

The black walls covered with photo frames are a consistent theme throughout the whole apartment. But I find them particularly original and interesting in the kitchen. 

The black frying pans against the black wall is a beautiful, almost understated, detail and allows for the contrast between the black walls and floors and the white tiles and carpentries to be more accentuated.

A single pop of a bold colour, with that ceramic pot on the stove, and we have a truly inspirational kitchen .
styling: Ida Cederlöf
photography: Emily Laye

Monday, 22 September 2014

Nudes and Pinks | Trendy Mediterranean Tones

Today we have some colour inspiration from my vacation photographies.
In the so many different places I visited, I could always find the tones that are really trendy for this Autumn/Winter - the whole range from nudes to dark pinks. 

photography by | life as a moodboard |

Friday, 19 September 2014

Dot Hanger | design crush

A quick design crush post, while I try to find my bearings again. 
(organizing photos, reading and replying to 3 weeks worth of e-mails, getting up to date with all the blogs I follow, preparing new posts, planing some tweaks on my blog, preparing my home and wardrobe for Autumn... wait, did I really just had a vacation?)

The Dot Hanger, designed by Afteroom for MENU.
Graphic minimalism for your walls! 
images via: Afteroom

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Back Home

Hello everyone! 
I'm back home from a mentally relaxing and physically exhausting cruise in the Adriatic and Mediterranean. We had a great time, but now it's "back to work".

Before I went away I posted a photo of an origami paper boat... and by a funny coincidence I came across this sculpture in one of our stopping ports - Valletta, Malta. 
Isn't it cute? It seemed fitting to share it with you on my return. 
photography by | life as a moodboard |

I'm hoping you all had a nice vacation and gathered enough energy (my energy is accumulated around my waste!) for the cold seasons that are coming. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Vacation | white paper boat

I'm going on vacation! 
And it's about time... Autumn is actually hitting Denmark already!

We're going on a wonderful (hopefully) cruise in the Mediterranean so I won't be posting again until the middle of September. But I leave you with this origami boat which is a little taste of some DIY projects I've been planning for my blog when I'm back. See you all soon!
paper boat origami white
photography by | life as a moodboard |

Saturday, 23 August 2014

New Old Light | design crush

For today's design crush I want to show you the New Old Light by KIMU design studio.
A table lamp made of wood, metal and paper, inspired by the traditional Chinese paper lanterns.
A bit of industrial style with a soft and poetic touch. Loving it!
images via: KIMU design

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Two | Fantastic | Spaces

Today I'm drawing inspiration from the Swedish real estate web site (or should I say institution by now?) Fantastic Frank...again!

Both spaces are uncluttered and bright, with gorgeous white floors...very Scandinavian like.

I can see myself spending hours on that reading corner, beautifully styled in black and white, surrounded by wall art and my favourite magazines.

And the kitchen looks amazing with those white subway tiles all the way to the ceiling.
styling: Thomas Lingsell  
photography: Martin Wichardt

Friday, 8 August 2014

DIY | cardboard butterflies

Ah! Weekend is how about I leave you with an idea for a simple and fun DIY: 
cardboard butterflies on the wall!

I made mine in black and white to be consistent with the colours of my (in progress) gallery wall. But imagine how great it would look as a colourful project for a little girl's birthday party...or just a grown up's party really!

how to do it:
Print the butterfly template  (click on the link to download it) and cut it out. 
Fold the cardboard of your choice in half.
Draw the half-butterfly on the cardboard (the straight line of the template coincides with the fold).
Cut out the butterfly and open it.
Fixate it on the wall with double tape or sticky fix.
Repeat as many times as you like (or have the patience to...)

photography by | life as a moodboard |

Hope you like it,
Have a great weekend!

Monday, 4 August 2014

A Grey Feeling | Nornäs by IKEA

The Summer has been rough on me this year (yes we're actually having a heat wave in Denmark!). So I wanted to share with you  these photos styled for IKEA's new bench - Nornäs.

I'm loving the range of grey tones and the whole fresh Autumn mood.
photo: Ragnar Ómarsson

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