Thursday, 28 November 2013

Design Crush | CEPA - Port Wine Bottle Coaster

With Christmas around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what presents to get for the entire family. I personally love the simple things that, nonetheless, come with good design and full of significance. So I decided to share with you this design piece which I have a serious crush on - especially the cork edition. 

Designed by the Oporto based atelier Clínica de Arquitectura, the CEPA is a support for Port Wine Bottles that aims to inspire new ways of presentation and serving rituals. It creates a way of reviving old traditions, like the wine and the wood and cork industry, with a contemporary look and attitude.  
all images via Clínica de Arquitectura with permission

"The support is a cylinder made of one single piece of one of the materials - solid wood or cork - both strongly related to the identity of this wine and the Douro Valley, in which two connected cavities are cut out. One of the cavities is dimensioned to fit the bottle. The other is designed to land the stopper..."

You can find the two versions of the coaster for sale on DesignSpray: Cork edition | Wood edition

Monday, 25 November 2013

Scandinavian Style | Warming Lighting and Details

To start a new week, some interior inspiration from this Swedish apartment, for sale at Stadshem.
Warmth given from the lighting of several lamps and candles, in a fuzzy pink tone.
My favourite photo by Vee Speers on the kitchen wall.
And notice the entrance hall, I think it's amazing. Like entering a boutique. Simple and elegant with wonderful details in copper.
all images via Stadshem

Thursday, 21 November 2013

fruFly | blog love

Today I'm loving a Norwegian blog called fruFLY
It's full of interior design ideas and inspiration, DIYs and beautiful photographies taken by Heidi. 
I chose to share some of Heidi's photos from her home, but you can find many more on her blog as she often changes the decoration and posts new pictures.

A Scandinavian home, in neutral tones and lots of beautiful details, where you can find some known design and art pieces as well as some more personal touches. 
The small 'family workspace' that she set up in the kitchen, for example, is just right up my ally, with the big blackboard calendar and the half painted bar stools. 
all images by fruFLY with thanks!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Notebooks and Rubber Stamps

I'm so excited! Today I'm going to vote in Denmark for the first time. I only found out I could already vote 4 days ago, when I saw my voting paper in my mail box. So in these last few days I had to pester Emil to explain to me all about the different political parties in Denmark and to translate their programs on their web sites. It was actually fun!

So today I just want to share some quick home shots of my new notebooks and rubber stamps.
I was experimenting with them having in mind some possibilities for x-mas decorations.
And no! ...I'm not too old to play with rubber stamps!
all images by me

Monday, 18 November 2013

Gallery Wall Inspiration

 I'm in love with this wall display at Daniella Witte's home. 
Love how everything is arranged: the art, the neutral tones and how the hanging frames play with the black chair and the plant stand on the floor.
Can only 'drool' over her beautiful photos... and plan of making a gallery wall of my own in the future.
photography & styling: Daniella Witte

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Christmas Inspiration Board

Maybe it's too soon to be thinking about Christmas decorations. But I like to start putting them up on the 1st of December, and I want to have a plan. Well not really a plan. Something like inspiration guidelines. That's why I started a Pinterest Board called | Christmas Inspiration | .

I'm going for some neutral tones and bits of green (a discrete green, and mostly with plants). Also, If I don't feel too lazy, I'd love to make some of the decorations myself. Last year I hanged my own Advent Calendar and some other black and white prints and I really liked the effect. So I've been collecting some more ideas for DIY's that I just may try this year. In paper, or yarn...simple things, nothing to tricky. 
all images via Pinterest

Even though I love Christmas - it's without a doubt my favourite time of the year - sometimes the whole thing can be a bit overwhelming. I think that decorating my home following these guidelines will help me keep some of it's usual tranquillity. Especially if it snows...cross my fingers and hope!

If you like the style, you can follow me on Pinterest and stay updated as I continue gathering ideas. 

Friday, 15 November 2013

A grey bedroom and unmade beds

Lately there has been an increase of beds in disarray in interiors photography. Even in real estate web sites like Fantastic Frank, where I found this bedroom in tones of grey... Maybe they found out that people react well to it. 

I make my bed everyday, and still love seeing a properly made bed, preferably all fluffy and inviting. But I grant it that a 'well made unmade bed' doesn't shock me at all, it can even have it's charm. It adds a more familiar and lively feeling to a space. Is this a trend that will last? How do you feel about it?
photography:  Andy Liffner
styling: Thomas Lingsell

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Colour Inspiration | warm soft tones

Still inspired by these soft warm tones for Autumn.
A cosy feeling given by the discrete combination of nude, faded green and grey.
image via
photography: Heidi Lerkenfeldt 
image via
image via

Friday, 8 November 2013

Winter Love | Wool Throws

What's winter without a chunky Throw (or two) to snuggle in comfortably, maybe with a cup of warm tea in your hands and a good book. During this harsh and cold season it, certainly, is all about the details. 

These New Zealand wool knit Throws were designed by Amy (from Milo and Mitzy blog) and are hand made locally. They come in several neutral tones and you can order them here

Don't they look just perfect to wrap yourself in?...
all images via Milo and Mitzy with permission 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

House Doctor | brightening up the kitchen |

For me, when it's winter time, one of the the best ways to remain cheerful is to go to the kitchen and bake... and try not to look out the window to find out how dark it is already. 

So here's a bit of inspiration for the kitchen, from the Danish brand House Doctor's A/W 2013 catalogue.Neutral colours for ceramics, colour blocked and degrades, and some funky neon details...all to brighten up your kitchen!
all images via House Doctor

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Chocolate Salami - Recipe

One of my favourite things about having this blog is that it gives me the perfect excuse to make food. Namely, the old recipes, the old family traditions, that make for a huge part of my childhood memories, and that otherwise would get pretty much lost. I get to cook, eat, and then show the photos to my family and have a laugh while we all remember the stories attached to every recipe. 

This one, for example, was one of my brother's favourites. Like the Maria Biscuit Cake and the Chocolate Mousse, the Chocolate Salami had a mandatory presence in kids' birthday parties. But my brother really only liked the one that my mother made... So, every single time we were at someone else's party he would take a bite of the salami and be inevitably disappointed. It was funny and heart breaking at the same time. I don't even know why he kept trying, but that's what made it the more comic. 

So here is my mother's recipe. It's a dark salami, not too sweet, just right!

100g chocolate powder 
100g cocoa powder
200g powdered sugar
125g butter 
4 egg yolks
200g butter biscuits (the recipe says Petit Beurre but I used what I had at home which was Maria biscuits)
whisky or Brandy (optional) 

Crush the biscuits in a food processor. Or punch them if you feel like it, but that's a lot of unnecessary work. Some of the biscuits will be reduced to powder but you want to get most of it in little pieces like you can see in the photos. 

Use butter at room temperature or slightly softened (15 sec in the microwave if it just came out of the fridge).

Throw everything into a big bowl except for the whisky. Mix all very well with your hands until you get a consistency that you can shape into a big ball (if need add another egg yolk). 

Place it on a big piece of parchment paper, sprinkled with the whiskey/brandy, and shape it, roughly, like a cylinder or log. Wrap it all with the parchment paper and twist the ends (like a Christmas cracker). Sprinkle again the outside of the paper with a bit of whisky/brandy - I know, it's supposed to be a recipe for children, don't ask! I didn't have whisky at home, I hate whisky, so I skipped this step. It's not a big deal if you don't want to use it, but I think that the whisky helps to solidify the salami  and it also gives a certain acidity, a twist that it's quite nice. 

Leave in the fridge for a few hours until hardened. Cut thin slices when you want to eat it and keep the rest in the fridge. 

photos by me

And that's it :) Easy no?
If you decide to try I'd love to hear about your experience.

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