Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cork and Marble Coasters

Last week I decided to paint my sofa table. It is a sorry, ugly, excuse of a table, but it's sturdy and I have no budget to replace it any time soon. So I decided to paint it all white (it was a disgusting yellowish wood colour) hoping that it would, somehow, 'dissolve' into it's surroundings. And it actually worked. It's still an ugly table but it annoys me a lot less now.

Of course, after going through all the trouble of painting it, I started thinking about something that I had no need to worry about before...coasters! (I swear I can hear my mother laughing right now)
So, yesterday, as I was roaming through the supermarket, I spotted these cheap cork coasters and decided to get them and then think of a way to customize them. Now, imagine my surprise, when this morning I see this marble coaster DIY on April and May blog. It's the same cork coasters and they used a marble adhesive foil to make it more interesting. 
project and photos by April and May

And it doesn't have to be marble. This would work with any other type of adhesive, even wall paper. A few samples of a cool wall paper would be enough. Another idea, if I decide to keep the texture of the cork, is to paint it with a water resistant paint. The options are many and easily changeable, which is always good.

Hope you like this little DIY project. Have a nice day.

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