Monday, 23 September 2013

My Nordic Feeling - inspiration board

Hello everyone! I'm back from my vacation on Madeira island. I had a wonderful time, with my family, great food, lot's of beach time and real summer weather. But on the last few days I was really missing my home. 

So I thought that a it would be appropriate to restart my blogging activity by sharing with you the board I created yesterday on Pinterest called My Nordic Feeling. It was made for a competition held by Emmas Designblogg in collaboration with Nordic Design Collective (an on-line market place for independent Scandinavian designers). The requirement was an inspiration board on Pinterest, entitled My Nordic Feeling, with no more than 30 pins (half of them from Nordic Design collective). And, of course, it should translate the title of the board.

I loved doing this because it was a way of putting into images the overwhelming feeling I got when I finally got back home after being 3 weeks away. That's why I focused on some of my favourite Scandinavian interiors and on accessories for the home, with a prevalence of white, with details in black, grey and soft tones, and an atmosphere of uncluttered tranquillity.

Hope you like it... it's so good to be back!
all images via Pinterest

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