Monday, 12 August 2013

Kitchen Love - Scandinavian Style

I spotted this kitchen on a Finish blog called Mrs Jones, and I had to start this week by sharing it with you. It belongs to the Sanna familly, who have a design and lifestyle web shop called Nougat, so it's no wonder that many of the details that make this kitchen so special are part of their catalogue. 

I love everything about it! The black and white contrasts in the cooking area, with the striped rug, the big ceiling lamp and the chalkboard wall. The small eating area with the Tolix stools for an industrial touch. And the sweet tones and shapes of the painted ceramics and coloured glasses, adding a bit of vintage softness and whim. It's a great source of inspiration on how to get the Scandinavian homey feeling in your kitchen. 

styling:  Jonna Kivilahti
photography: Krista Keltanen
images via Mrs Jones blog, with thanks!


  1. I just found our beautiful blog, it's so inspiring. And I just love this dining area! /Elina

    1. Thank you Elina!
      and the simplest things can be so beautiful :)

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