Monday, 19 August 2013

Elina Dahl | Illustration and Inspiration |

Like many other fellow bloggers, I spend a big (huge) amount of time on the internet, searching and researching, following link after link, always looking for new sources of inspiration to my next post. Sometimes that can be a frustrating and fruitless task. But every so often I come across with what I like to call a 'complete story'. That's what happened when I discovered the work of the Swedish illustrator Elina Dahl.

I started by exploring her illustrations and collages on her web site. Looking at the pastel tones and black accents, the touch of copper and the geometric patterns, was like looking at the Scandinavian homes I like to share on my blog, but this time on a poster. Captivated by her work I then moved on to her blog, where Elina shares bits of her personal life and her creations. There you can see how her illustrations are present in her home, and through her own styled photos you can understand her work's process and sources of inspiration. A complete story!

I'm sharing some of my favourite images here but visit her blog and web site for more. 
Hope you like it!
all images by Elina Dahl 
With kind permission

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  1. Thank you for this kind post and your nice words about my work! /Elina


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