Monday, 26 August 2013

Summer Vacation

This last week I have had Emil at home every day and as a result I haven't been working on new posts. Instead we had a lovely time enjoying the fact that he started his vacation a week earlier than we were expecting. We even went to the park - and we normally don't 'do nature' - equipped with blankets, books and hot-dogs. It was sort of a forced early pause on the blog but one that was well worth it. In two days we'll be making our way to Portugal where we'll be visiting my family for 3 weeks. We can't wait... Emil has actually been doing a countdown since June! 

So, Life as a Moodboard is officially on summer vacation now. And I'll see you again in mid September, when I come back to what will most likely be the beginning of a very cold autumn in Denmark, with renovated energies and full of inspiration for the new season. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer! 

all photos by me

Monday, 19 August 2013

Elina Dahl | Illustration and Inspiration |

Like many other fellow bloggers, I spend a big (huge) amount of time on the internet, searching and researching, following link after link, always looking for new sources of inspiration to my next post. Sometimes that can be a frustrating and fruitless task. But every so often I come across with what I like to call a 'complete story'. That's what happened when I discovered the work of the Swedish illustrator Elina Dahl.

I started by exploring her illustrations and collages on her web site. Looking at the pastel tones and black accents, the touch of copper and the geometric patterns, was like looking at the Scandinavian homes I like to share on my blog, but this time on a poster. Captivated by her work I then moved on to her blog, where Elina shares bits of her personal life and her creations. There you can see how her illustrations are present in her home, and through her own styled photos you can understand her work's process and sources of inspiration. A complete story!

I'm sharing some of my favourite images here but visit her blog and web site for more. 
Hope you like it!
all images by Elina Dahl 
With kind permission

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

ferm LIVING | a collection full of MORE |

The new catalogue from ferm LIVING is out and it is all about MORE of the inspiring things that this Danish design brand has gotten us used to, and MORE of the trends for next Autumn and Winter. The new photos have a homey feeling in tones of grey that seems just perfect for the cold that will soon be coming.

And 3 new products that I think would make for a great addition to any home. They are such wonderful ideas!

The wooden top for the classic ferm LIVING wire baskets, allowing them to be converted into a side table.

The wooden frame with a leather string to apply to any print you'd like and hang it on the wall.

The iron cloth rack, with leather belts, for clothes or kitchen utensils (or anything you want really).
Styling&Art Direction: ferm LIVING
all images via: ferm LIVING

Monday, 12 August 2013

Kitchen Love - Scandinavian Style

I spotted this kitchen on a Finish blog called Mrs Jones, and I had to start this week by sharing it with you. It belongs to the Sanna familly, who have a design and lifestyle web shop called Nougat, so it's no wonder that many of the details that make this kitchen so special are part of their catalogue. 

I love everything about it! The black and white contrasts in the cooking area, with the striped rug, the big ceiling lamp and the chalkboard wall. The small eating area with the Tolix stools for an industrial touch. And the sweet tones and shapes of the painted ceramics and coloured glasses, adding a bit of vintage softness and whim. It's a great source of inspiration on how to get the Scandinavian homey feeling in your kitchen. 

styling:  Jonna Kivilahti
photography: Krista Keltanen
images via Mrs Jones blog, with thanks!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Tendency: Clothes Rail

To plan your outfits for the next day or week, or simply as a decorative element, an open clothes rail has a strong presence in interior styling these days...and it seems like it's something to last. So today I want to share some of my favourite clothes rails, based on the current tendency of decorating with geometric shapes, and a few inspiring examples on how to style them. 

via Annaleena design
via Klemens Schillinger
via +tongtong
via +tongtong
via STYLIZIMO blog
via Vosgesparis
via BODIE and FOU
via BODIE and FOU

Hope you liked it... Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Apartment in Sweden Styled By Lotta Agaton

Today I want to share this Swedish apartment, for sale at Folkhem. It was styled by Lotta Agaton in neutral tones with a predominance of grey and natural light wood. It may feel a bit raw, but I personally love it. 

There are just so many good details to pay attention to! The way that contemporary design melds with vintage and industrial seems so effortless and natural. And the balance between rough and soft, geometrics and metallics against knitted pillows and the copper hangers with soft pastel clothes. 

I could look at these photos all day and keep finding inspiration.
photography: Henrik Bonnevier
styling: Lotta Agaton
all images via Folkhem

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Miss'Opo Guest House

Miss'Opo is a guest house, with a very shabby-chic atmosphere, located in Porto, Portugal...the city where I lived for 12 years before moving to Denmark. It's concept is one that has become very popular in Porto for the last 10 years or so. Creative, imaginative, strong willed people working against a difficult economic conjuncture, decided to start using their diverse talents to revitalize areas of the historic city that were being left to a certain level of abandonment. I was lucky enough to have witnessed how the creation of several guest houses, small shops, caf├ęs, art galleries and multi-functional buildings, like Miss'Opo, originated a whole new dynamic of cultural interactivity in parts of Porto that had been "asleep" for too long. 

I wanted to share these great photos because they are simply perfect to illustrate some fundamental aspects of Porto. Contemporaneity and tradition mixed together as a style and an attitude. And an example of one of the many surprising, idiosyncratic, quirky, little havens you can discover when exploring that city that I love and miss so much.
via: Yatzer

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