Tuesday, 30 July 2013

the One.2 coffee table - Portuguese design

Maybe because in less than a month me and the Mr. will be going to Portugal for our summer vacation, and we can't stop thinking about it, I decided that this week I would share a couple of my home country design products and interiors.

I'm starting with the One.2, a coffee table by Lisbon based design atelier AMPLA. The One.2 is a unique and contemporary piece that shows a concern for design sustainability, as it uses natural and recyclable materials and it's production is planed to reduce waste.  

I love it for it's simplicity, both in shapes and materials of choice (colourless tempered glass and a structure of plywood), it would look lovely in my Scandinavian home. But I'm also drawn by the One.2's component of fun and versatility. For someone, like me, that is constantly wanting to change and move things around the home, a table with a wooden structure that can be easily reversed in order to show a different look (no need for tools) is quite appealing.

all images by AMPLA with thanks

The One.2 is being sold in Portuguese interior design shops, but you can contact the atelier AMPLA to inquire about availability and shipping costs for your own country.

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