Monday, 17 June 2013

Raw Styling - Concrete and Copper

I love it when I finally find the source and the full project of some of the photos that catch my attention on Pinterest or blogs. Some images are very inspiring just by themselves, but I always like to know the context in which they were taken, it adds some depth to them. That's what happened with the photos of the Nazdrowje bar in Sweden. 

Designed by Richard Lindvall, what used to be a parking garage was transformed into a restaurant and bar, having as inspiration old factories in Poland. The existing raw atmosphere was kept by using concrete on the floors, walls, and casted tables and benches. White tiles, the Tolix stools and big, old, lamps (brought from a factory in the Czech Republic) accentuate the concept of an industrial ambience. Details in copper and some amazing photos (by Mattias Lindb├Ąck), of the workers who built the restaurant, on the wall, add some warmth to the space. 
photography: Mattias Lindb├Ąck
all images via Richard Lindvall

A great combination of materials to start  an inspiring week! 


  1. I would love to go to this restaurant. I like the industrial style and coming from the Czech Republic, I liked your note about the lamps ;)

    1. Hello :)
      I would like to visit it also, but according to Emma (from emmas designbloog)the bar is now a sports bar full of sports themed stuff on the walls, so the photos look much better than the real thing.


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