Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Daniella Witte's Home

Daniella Witte is a Swedish stylist and photographer with one of the most beautiful and inspiring blogs I follow. Her blog is written in Swedish, but the photos more than speak for themselves (and there's always google translation). There, you can find beautiful photos of her impeccably styled home and it's transformations over time. Her style comes from a mix of raw materials (wood, copper, concrete) and natural tones, with warmer details and textiles. It's a perfect example of contemporary Scandinavian style. 

I truly recommend a visit to her blog. But first, here are a few photos where you can see some changes happening. You can notice two different lamps hanging from the ceiling and a painted black detail on the table's legs, for example. And also the different sun light coming in through the windows. 

all images by Daniella Witte 

Hoping this was a good way to inspire you for a new week!
(mine started with 24h without internet...it's good to be back)


  1. Ugh, internet loss is no fun these days. Glad you got it back.
    My favorite detail here has got to be the dipped legs on the dining table.

  2. yes, love the dipped leg
    nice inspiration for my own table ;)
    xoxo peggy


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