Tuesday, 21 May 2013

White and Green for Muuto 2013

This Spring I'm having a serious crush on white and green styling. Neutral tones with a few splashes of green, clean lines, simplicity, and overall a fresh atmosphere. Especially when the green comes mainly from natural plants. And these images, from Muuto's Spring 2013 catalogue, illustrate that with perfection.

images 1.2.3 photographed by Petral Bindel in colaboration with All The Way To Paris
via: Muuto

And a small product guide:
all images via Muuto

1. NERD bar stool
2. UNFOLD pendant lamp
3. MHY pendant lamp
4. TOSS AROUND salad servers
5. CORKY carafe
6. FLOW milk jug
7. STACKED shelf system 

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