Friday, 31 May 2013

Scandinavian Style - Family Room

When I moved to Denmark I noticed that the layout of theirs homes is, generally, very different from what you can find in Portugal. And the most flagrant of those differences is the predominant existence of a room where living, dinning and kitchen coexist. They call it "Alrum", the equivalent of a "family room" in English, and it derives from the strong concerns and integration of the idea of family and family life in interior design and architecture around the 1960's. 

It took me a little time to stop worrying about the smell of food and the mess that a kitchen can become, and focus on the idea that it's not necessarily a bad thing to be forced to pay more attention to what you have in your kitchen and how you show it. To actually think and plan that space without being able to rely on closing a door. But what I love more about it, I must admit, is that being someone that loves baking and spends a lot of time around food, I don't have to be isolated to do so. 

So today I'm sharing an example of a Scandinavian family room, in neutral tones and with a mix of mid-century and industrial style. Photographed and styled by Lovely Life and for sale at the Swedish real estate agency Alexander White.

all images via Lovely Life


  1. I like the different style of couches. You can split the room and in one minute be in modern livingroom and in another minute be in old english residence


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