Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Butterfly Joints

via BDDW
Today I'm embracing my inner nerd and posting about wood joinery. More specifically about Butterfly Joints. This type of joint can hold two separate planks of wood together. But what I really like is when it is used, in furniture or flooring, to lock natural cracks on a single plank and avoid it's further opening. The butterflies are usual of a contrasting wood or of a different material, such as metal (like in the picture above, which happens to be my favourite). 

A way of transforming imperfection into something absolutely stunning!
via Nakashima Woodworker
via Janosi Designs
via Janosi Designs
via Dinesen
detail of a photo via Dinesen
work by Josh Vogel via Yatzer
What do you think?
Do you have an inner nerd that feels strangely attracted to this sort of detailing?

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