Friday, 19 April 2013

Table Cloths and Weekend Memories

When I was growing up, Sunday was the day for the family lunch reunion at my grandmother's. Big southern family around big old table, you can picture it right? But kids weren't allowed at the table until the grown ups were done eating (we didn't really all fit at the dinning table so the little ones ate in the kitchen). But afterwards we would go find our respective mums and sit on their laps listening to the adults conversations. A table in disarray and full of stains is what I remember most about those times. The conversations didn't always make sense to us, but being there, in the presence of all our loved ones, arguing and laughing, was very comforting. So what better way to wish you all a great weekend than sharing these printed table cloths that evoke those childhood memories. 

This collection was designed by Marion Peeters, and it's called "48 hours" precisely because it's about weekend memories. 

all images via DayCollection

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  1. You know, to this day, "listening to adult conversations" is one of my favorite things to do when I'm around family. Thanks for sharing this.


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