Sunday, 28 April 2013

Green Inspiration

Because little, shy, green leaves are slowing starting to show on the trees
... And that means it's finally Spring. 
Took it's sweet little time!

styling: Johanna Laskey   |  photo: Anders Jungermark   |   for IKEA Livet Hemma blog
styling: Johanna Laskey   |  photo: Anders Jungermark   |   for IKEA Livet Hemma blog
Styling: Cleo Scheulderman   |   photo: Jeroen van der Spek   |   via Vtwonen
image via Elle Interiör
styling by Tina Hellberg   |   for Elle Interiör   |   via Söderberg Agentur
photo: Patric Johansson   |   via IKEA Livet Hemma

image by IKEA   |   via Bungalow 5

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