Tuesday, 30 April 2013

EST magazine #9

Issue 9 of EST magazine is out! 
Loving these images of an old butter factory trying to become a home.
all images via: EST magazine
photos: Tara Pierce
production&styling: Stephanie Stamatis

Monday, 29 April 2013

Vintage Details in a Danish Home

A beautiful Danish home, from the 1920's, in neutral tones, a lot of art and vintage findings.
This first photo is a perfect "vignette". 
Dark wood (which I'm loving these days) against white walls, black and grey details... simplicity. And the word RO, that sums the atmosphere of the space, and can be translated into English as tranquillity.

all photos by Pernille Kaalund

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Green Inspiration

Because little, shy, green leaves are slowing starting to show on the trees
... And that means it's finally Spring. 
Took it's sweet little time!

styling: Johanna Laskey   |  photo: Anders Jungermark   |   for IKEA Livet Hemma blog
styling: Johanna Laskey   |  photo: Anders Jungermark   |   for IKEA Livet Hemma blog
Styling: Cleo Scheulderman   |   photo: Jeroen van der Spek   |   via Vtwonen
image via Elle Interiör
styling by Tina Hellberg   |   for Elle Interiör   |   via Söderberg Agentur
photo: Patric Johansson   |   via IKEA Livet Hemma

image by IKEA   |   via Bungalow 5

Friday, 26 April 2013

Sankt Oberholz

Today, during my morning routine of drinking coffee while going through Pinterest, I ended up discovering Sankt Oberholz. I'm glad I did. 

Sankt Oberholz is a building from the late 19th century, located at the Rosenthaler Platz - Berlin, that comprises a restaurant, a co-working bureau, two apartments for rent and their own unconventional publisher. The whole site is worth exploring. I particularly love the "blog" tab (or the "lost and found" from the restaurant tab) where you can read about all sorts of objects that costumers from the restaurant forget or leave behind. These objects are described in the most funny way, through a whimsical talent for stating the obvious and coming to, sometimes, unexpected conclusions.

I leave you now with some photos from the apartments, where the historical features of the building  meet contemporary design in a very sober (tempted to say masculine) way.

"Crystal clear lakes, palm-lined beaches, historical sights and landmarks – this is what you won’t find at Rosenthaler Platz."

all images via St. Oberholz

Wishing everyone a great weekend... I'll go back to read some more of those "lost and founds"!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Calabash - Scandinavian Lighting

To continue with my series of posts on Scandinavian lighting, I give you the Calabash pendant by the Danish atelier Komplot Design for Lightyears in 2010.

all images via Lightyears

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Scandinavian style - Bright apartment in Sweeden

I've been struggling for a while trying to decide if I wanted to post about this apartment or not. But I kept finding my self going through all these photos, over and over again. It's the styling of it that puzzles me. There are many little decoration elements that I don't like, I can even say that I find them hideous. But then there are other details that work perfectly for me. And I love the space, the brightness, the white from ceiling to floor...and those double doors. And the general image looks actually very cosy to me. So I'm still confused but I'm sharing it anyway...

photography: Janne Olander
styling: Emma Fischer
all images via Stadshem

Sunday, 21 April 2013


Because I'm feeling that laziness that is so typical of a Sunday, I decided to simply sit here, with my cup of coffee, and make a wish list from the newly launched MERCI web-shop. 
Be happy, those who cannot live in Paris, MERCI is now on-line and shipping worldwide.

the paper bag: just because I like it!

black and white masking tape: because you can never have to much of it

porcelain spoon: nice prop for food photography

butterfly storage box: to put some order in my work space

Brooklyn tins wallpaper samples: lots of possibilities to be creative with these. 
Also nice as photos background.

all images via MERCI

Friday, 19 April 2013

Table Cloths and Weekend Memories

When I was growing up, Sunday was the day for the family lunch reunion at my grandmother's. Big southern family around big old table, you can picture it right? But kids weren't allowed at the table until the grown ups were done eating (we didn't really all fit at the dinning table so the little ones ate in the kitchen). But afterwards we would go find our respective mums and sit on their laps listening to the adults conversations. A table in disarray and full of stains is what I remember most about those times. The conversations didn't always make sense to us, but being there, in the presence of all our loved ones, arguing and laughing, was very comforting. So what better way to wish you all a great weekend than sharing these printed table cloths that evoke those childhood memories. 

This collection was designed by Marion Peeters, and it's called "48 hours" precisely because it's about weekend memories. 

all images via DayCollection

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Kitchen tile niche

 Today I'm loving this kitchen, with it's black and white tile niche and the green details of plants and the baby's chair.
all images via Stadshem

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Caravaggio - Scandinavian Lighting

The Caravaggio by Danish designer Cecilie Manz in 2005 for Lightyears.
Quickly became a favourite of lighting design, and it remains so by frequently changing it's look when adding new finishes to it's timeless design.

Caravaggio BlackBlack

Caravaggio Opal

Caravaggio Matt
all images via Lightyears

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