Saturday, 16 March 2013

Chocolate Cupcakes

You may have noticed that I have been posting several photos of cupcakes lately. There is a reason for that. I have been obsessing over cupcakes for the last 3 months. I decided to go on a crusade in search of the perfect cupcake and while I can't yet post the recipe here, I can always share the pictures of some attempts. It shouldn't be that difficult to find the perfect cupcake but... my perfect cupcakes needs:
- a good cake base, preferably with a strong chocolate flavour;
- a good frosting but it cannot be the normal butter-cream because the Mr. doesn't like it;
- to be easy and quick to make without having to use the electric mixer or a scale;
- just enough for two people...meaning I don't want to end up with 20 cupcakes that we can't (well we can but we shouldn't) handle.

These pictures show my last attempt. The cake was actually kind of awesome! but I didn't nail the frosting... yet!... I converted all measures in cups and spoons and used a simple whisker to mix the batter. And it made 6 cupcakes...perfectly acceptable, I say!
all photos by me

(edited) I have now posted the perfect recipe for few and fast cupcakes here


  1. I do love a good cupcake and have tried making them myself on a few occasions. These look amazing & I love the pics.

  2. Oh, I could look at cupcakes all day long...Problem is, I could also eat them all day long. This looks great- frosting and all.


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