Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Warm Wood

One of the things I love most about Scandinavian interiors is that it frequently involves the use of light, almost white, wood. You see, in Portugal that is not so common, not traditionally anyway, and as a consequence the interiors feel  very dark, heavy and grave. 

But motivated by the wonderful gift I got from my mother-in-law for Christmas - the limited edition of the Eames Hang-it all, in black and walnut - darker woods have been growing on me. I still don't like the somber atmosphere of a home fully furnished with them but I really love it when it see it applied with moderation, in details. 

In a black and white space, a piece made of wood like walnut can create a warm and at the same time a more refined look. And, even though it is something that still "scares" me a bit, I'm finding that mixing different types of wood, with very different tones, can bring amazing results.

image via Christian Woo
photo by Prue Ruscoe   .   via The Names Agency
photo by Sveinung Bråthen   .   image via Klikk bolig
image via Stadshem
image via Wall&Decò
photo by Anna Kern for  Skona Hem   .   found at The Style Files
image via Designspray       .       image via Republic of Fritz Hansen
images via Analogue Life

What do you think? Do warmer woods work for you?

1 comment:

  1. ou ask: "What do you think? Do warmer woods work for you?"

    It's a funny thing, really.
    You, the portuguese, love the scandinavian style. I, the dane, love the portuguese style. :-D

    As you know, warmer woods do indeed work for me.
    Maybe because of the 'cave atmosphere' the warmer wood creates? In order to be able to relax in my home I need this 'cosy-feeling' atmosphere.

    But, then again - in danish:
    Smag og behag er forskellig! Heldigvis! :-D
    Anything else/everything else would be boring!


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