Thursday, 7 February 2013

Denmark's Loveliest Home

Danmarks Skønneste Hjem was a program on Danish television where people opened the doors to their homes and competed for the tittle of Denmark's Loveliest Home. I followed it religiously, even though I couldn't understand half of what the judges were saying (Danish is NOT an easy language). But I couldn't pass the opportunity of peeking inside all those wonderful homes - minimalistic, bohemian, eco-friendly, mid-century inspired... 
Every week the judges would visit 3 homes in search of the most "inspiring, personal and wonderful" of them all. Obviously that was an extremely subjective and difficult task. But that was not my problem and all I cared about was to absorb as much inspiration as possible in those few minutes of filming. 

So today I'm sharing some photos of the winning home, taken by Mikkel Adsbøl for Femina magazine. 

I must confess this was actually one of my favourites. And what I love more about it is the wonderful succession of black and white spaces. The contrast of those transitions is absolutely stunning!

The predominance of white, the open and fluid spaces and the ingenious way of combining great pieces of design with findings from a flee market, leave no doubt that this is a great "specimen" of a Scandinavian home. 

all images via Femina


  1. Hi Catarina

    I love your blog, and I wish you'd show more of your own photos and styling, because it looks like you're very good at it!
    You're up on my sidebar - I'll be back for more!


    1. Thank you so much! I feel a bit shy about sharing my own photos, but your comment definitely makes me want to do it more :)


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