Monday, 18 February 2013

Book Storage

"Our misunderstanding is conceptual in nature. You have created this attractive design for my house and library based on the supposition - one that is extremely widespread, unfortunately - that people, not objects, are the primary consideration in a residence (... ) But my conception of my future home is just the opposite. To wit: in the small constructed space that I will call my world and that will be ruled by my whims, we humans will be second-class citizens; books, pictures  and engravings will have first priority."
Mario Vargas Llosa ,
The Notebooks of don Rigoberto

Instead of the "art book on coffee table"...
How about having all types of books, displayed in different ways, in several spaces of the home?

Asplund The File   .   image via Yatzer
&Then Design  Lean Man side table   .   image via Nest
E15  ST04 BACKENZAHNTM   .   image via Nest
OTO100 sotorage system   .   image via Muuto
image via Gennaro Avallone
Buchhalter   .   image via °es
Opinion Ciatti  PTOLOMEO   .   image via  phorm design life
Raw Edges  Booken   .   image via Shoebox Dwelling
photo by Victoria Fitchett   .   image via Grace and Ivy

Readers Nest Bookshelf   .   image via Scandinavian Design Center

Piniwini Bookshelf    .   image via  Scandinavian Design Center

Biblio bath tub   .   image via Antonio Lupi


  1. Those are the most amazing opportunities for my many books. Thank you and have a nice week.

  2. This is so cool - I am really in love with these ideas! x

    <3 Melissa


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