Thursday, 17 January 2013

Minimalistic Fairy Tales

After taking down all Christmas decorations, I ended up with 3 empty black paper clips hanging on the wall. Since they are placed right next to the TV, I thought it would be nice to get images or posters inspired by movies or TV series (I follow and re-watch tons of TV series). I haven't found exactly what I want, yet, but during my search I came across this great minimalistic posters, designed by Christian Jackson and inspired by fairy tales, and I just couldn't resist posting them here. 

al images from Christian Jackson

I grew up with fairy tales. My mother and grandmother would spend hours, everyday, telling me stories in hope I would get distracted enough to eat. I still love fairy tales and I love how of these images transmit a story with only one or a few elements and how some of them capture a bit of their "dark side".

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