Thursday, 24 January 2013

Giveaway Win!

During the Christmas holidays I decided to participate in a few wonderful "giveaways" that some of my favourite blogs were holding. I normally feel a bit shy about participating in these things or even just when leaving comments on other people's blogs (I know!... it's silly) but there were so many gorgeous things that I would love to have for my home that I just couldn't resist. And man!... Am I glad I didn't! I ended up winning two of them! 
I'll talk about the second one later (when I receive it), but the first one was held by the Cherry Blossom blog, a blog that belongs to a girl from Norway, with flawless taste, and where I go to for a dose of daily Scandinavian inspiration. 

And yesterday I received my prize in a beautiful package from Story North...

all photos by me

The tea towel is from by nord and the mugs are a design by Filippa K for Rörstrand.
Aren't they just perfect?

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