Friday, 18 January 2013

1 Year

My little blog is celebrating 1 year! Before I finally settled on a name and a content for it I had several failed experiences, and in result I'm not exactly sure when Life as a Moodboard was "born". But it was around this time last year and I would like to celebrate it by telling you a little bit of  why I decided to do it. 

life as a moodboard
the beginning 

(OK! it is not that epic as I made it sound...) I had been living in Denmark for a little less than a year and apart from going to language school I didn't do much else and had a lot of free time at home. The shock of moving to a different country was fading away, my brain was getting mushy and I desperately needed something to exercise my creativity and to allow me to learn new things. 
A blog! why not?...that would be a real challenge. 
I decided to focus, mainly, on three themes that I was drawn to: Interior Design, Photo Styling and Cooking. And I was hoping that by looking at other people's work and other blogs I could bring those different "worlds" inside my own home and my own life... my blog should be a platform for the moodboard/inspirations I use in my everyday life. Not to much to ask! And I had no idea what I was doing...(still don't)

I've dedicated most of my interior Design posts to the Scandinavian made sense since I now live in a Scandinavian country... and made an effort to learn a bit more about Danish design in particular. And that  influenced the way I began "building" my own home
all photos by me

Inspired by the wonderful work of talented photographers and stylists I gathered the courage to start taking my own pictures... to experiment, to learn and to mature my photo skills - I'm far, far away, from being a professional but I think I made some progress and, most important of all, I enjoy it.
all photos by me

I have shared  recipes I found on the internet as well as traditional dishes from my country and my family. I always try the recipe and take my own photos, and those posts are probably the ones were I allow  myself a little bit more freedom in my writing and therefore they are the more personal ones. I even discovered I love baking! I made bread for the first time and shared that...well... slightly bumpy experience. And it was so much fun!
all photos by me

Now, I am one of those people that never seem to finish or go through with anything, and I lose interest in things pretty quickly. So when I began this adventure, for the first couple of months, I kept having the same thought in the back of my mind: "when are you going to give up?". 
That is why this 1 year mark is so important to me... I didn't quit, I'm still very much interest and excited about it, and even though there are days when I feel a little less inspired, I still love what I'm doing! Ha!


  1. Congratulations on your Blogaversary Catarina. I'm fairly new to you blog but I can tell you I am really enjoying it and I'm glad you didn't give up! Thanks for sharing your inspirations and I look forward to a lot more!

  2. Wow, I was just reading your older articles in this one and I was surprised, when I read that in January it was just one year of your blogging! I think you are talented. Being a blogger is very exciting adventure and I hope that one fine day I will celebrate one year too. Actually I started in August 2011, but it took a time until March this year than I found the right way how I want to do it. I hope you don't give up, you are my inspiration :)

    1. Thank you for the nice comment Bara! And I'm sure you'll be celebrating many blog anniversaries as yours is very inspiring too :)


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