Sunday, 9 December 2012

Scandinavian Christmas Inspiration

When I starting seeing all the black&white and neutral decorations for Christmas, that have been available for more than a month all over the blogs and pinterest, I thought they were very beautiful, perfect for my taste in general but ...maybe... just not completely Christmassy?! 

Then it snowed on the 1st of December and everything has been white outside since then. And all of a sudden all that white, the simple decorations, the bare branches in simple vases, make perfect sense to me. It's like a reflection of what's going on outside.

I'm loving my white Christmas.

image via Walther&Co
image via Nordic Design
image via Nordic Design
image via Nordic Design
image via Kamer26
image via Trettien[31]
image via Weekday Carnival
image via Cox&Cox
image via April and May
via April and May

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