Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Decorations

This year, inspired by all the images posted on blogs I follow and on Pinterest, I have been wanting some simple black and white Christmas decorations. So I decided to go with an easy and cheap DIY on a corner of my living room. I got the definition of December from Pinterest, the little Christmas trees pattern is from Fine Little Day, and the advent calendar was quickly made by myself on my computer (using washi tape to "cut" the days).

all photos by me


  1. eileen21.11.13

    how did you get the tree print? i tried taking a screen shot from their website and it printed out kind of grainy/blurry :/

    1. Hi Eileen :)

      If I remember correctly I was having the same problem last year. I think I made a search on Google images (where you drag the image into the search box) and chose that patter with the best resolution I could find.

  2. i love this beautiful idea, thank you!


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