Thursday, 1 November 2012

Books and colour coordination

Today I have gathered a few images of books placed on shelves accordingly to their colour. It seems to be a bit of a trend on interior styling. And I've been planning to make a post about it for a long time. In theory I like the idea. Looks fun and beautiful and a bit OCDed (I like OCDed). 

But... In all honesty, I prefer having my books organized by author or theme because it makes it much easier to find the one I´m looking for. And also, as I was looking at several examples of it, I started thinking that all those big bunches of colour would make me sick in 1 week. I get tired of colours very quickly unless they are sort of melted in a neutral surrounding. 

The only way I could live with it was if all my books had black and white (or grey) covers. Like the first picture below. but unfortunately that is not the case. What do you think?

via The New York Times
photography by Janne Peters
project by John Wardle Architects   .    via Desire to Inspire
photography by John Merkl   .   via bungalow 5
image via Divaani Blogit
Sagmeister & Walsh studio space via Graphic-Exchange
Annabelle Kerslake's home   .   via Design Sponge


  1. I have our book case in colour order (but we never go back to read the like you do). Mine looks more like the last image, but I would love a set up like the 2nd and 3rd to last ones - built in or floating on the wall.

  2. You write:
    "The only way I could live with it was if all my books had black and white (or grey) covers."

    When schools start up again after a good long summer break, everybody in Denmark being an owner of a mail box will receive programs from different providers of night-and daytime (mostly nighttime)courses.


    In the good old days - some 10 years ago, that is - courses for bookbinders in spe(hope to be) would always be on the list.

    Maybe these courses will once again be popular considering the growing interest for the new trend, colour coordination of books?

    Hugs and Kh/ din farveglade svigermor in spe :-D

    Tags: Pragmatism, Humor


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