Friday, 26 October 2012

Scandinavian style - Tenka Gammelgaard's home

via Idha Lindhag
Today I'm making a "2 in 1" post. After posting here RenĂ© Redzepi's home pictures, taken by Idha Lindhag, I continued to explore her portfolio and came across some pictures of a home I had seen spreading all over the "blogosphere". It is the home of Danish artist Tenka Gammelgaard (on tumblr) photographed for Casa Vogue. She expresses herself, in her home like in her art, in black and white, and that is a marvellous thing to see. 

More or less at the same time, I got in my mailbox the 2012 catalogue from Louis Poulsen - "Louis Home". And, for my surprise, there it was Tenka's home again. Only this time it was featured as the perfect scenario for Louis Poulsen's lamps. They chose black and white examples of the most emblematic and wonderfully designed lamps they produce (like the AJ lamp, the PH artichoke, the PH 50, the Panthella and the Wohlert) and placed it in Tenka's home like they have always belonged there. 

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at pictures from both sources.

                      via Idha Lindhag                                                        via Louis Poulsen

via Louis Poulsen


  1. Oh to have that kind of space for art supplies!

  2. I love these spaces. That fixture with the bazillion lights on it is from Moooi I think. Love that thing. And kinda scared of it.


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