Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A house in Sweeden

You have probably seen images of this house all over the web already, especially since it is now for sale at Valvet Mäklarfirma, but I couldn't help myself! 

The first image that called my attention was the little toilet at the entrance. The black and white scheme, the old doors, the old tiles (just like at my grandmother's) and the wire basket holding the toilet paper rolls (I'm going to copy that idea). In all honesty I got a bit confused, while looking at this house. 
You can read Scandinavian in the predominance of white and in some details: like the art wall in the work place, the chairs in the atelier, the lamps, the pillows in the living room... But the rest is so eclectic, I even got a Portuguese feeling coming out of it . It moved me in such a way that I decided to make this post. 
Then, as I was preparing it, I decided to "try" (because it's in Swedish) to read a bit of the house description, and there was something that I could actually understand: the tiles ARE Portuguese! I feel ashamed of my ignorance so I'll just hide for a few seconds and blush. 

Anyway... hope you like it and you can see all the pictures here.

all images via Valvet Mäklarfirma

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