Monday, 27 August 2012

Back Home

photo by me

I'm back home after a wonderful two weeks vacation on Madeira Island. It took us 20 hours in airports and air planes and 2 changes on our travel route to get here, but we made it (still waiting for our suitcase to catch up though). Back to the cold (comparatively), to my computer, to my magazines and to over 400 posts from the blogs I follow on bloglovin... but it feels great to be home.

I'm very lazy with my camera when I'm on vacation, but I hope I manage to get a few nice pictures to show here, after I get them all sorted.


  1. Wellcome Home! :-D

  2. We almost went to Madeira on our honeymoon. We ended up going to Greece instead, but I have always wondered about Madeira since then. Looking forward to your pictures (and now following you on Blog Lovin'!)


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