Thursday, 30 August 2012

My house for a weekend

There is a house on Madeira island that I absolutely love. I've been spending a weekend there almost every year since before I remember existing (I have photos to prove it!). This house is on the north coast and in the mountains, so it is the perfect place to escape from the absurd heat and humidity in the city. It may sound strange, but one CAN get tired of sun and warmth. 

There is no electricity there, which means: no TV, no computer, no radio, no charging phones (or cameras), no fridge, no electric light! And that is what I love most about it...for 3 days we gather the family there and have a wonderful time just playing board or card games, going for walks in the woods, talking and laughing... and the days feel sooo long... it's just a piece of paradise. 

I don't have many photos, and in all honesty the one's I have aren't that good, but maybe you can get a "taste" of the atmosphere there.




all photos by me

Monday, 27 August 2012

Back Home

photo by me

I'm back home after a wonderful two weeks vacation on Madeira Island. It took us 20 hours in airports and air planes and 2 changes on our travel route to get here, but we made it (still waiting for our suitcase to catch up though). Back to the cold (comparatively), to my computer, to my magazines and to over 400 posts from the blogs I follow on bloglovin... but it feels great to be home.

I'm very lazy with my camera when I'm on vacation, but I hope I manage to get a few nice pictures to show here, after I get them all sorted.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Grey moodboard

A few images of grey to inspire a cosy atmosphere at home for the next Autumn and Winter.

image by  Meggie Schwendemann   .   via
via West elm
via VT Wonen
via analogue life
via Ferm living
via Bronte
via Lily
via Stylizimo

Monday, 20 August 2012

Linda Lundgren

I´m still on vacation on a very warm and very humid island! 
So I´ll just quickly put here some beautiful pictures, some in tones of white, others in tones of black, by the Swedish food stylist  Linda Lundgren on Agent Bauer.

All images via Agent Bauer.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Scandinavian style - Josefine house by Living Agency

I've seen images of this house all over Pinterest, Tumblr and a huge number of blogs. I love the style. White and bright, with lots of retro and whimsical details. Now that I discovered the origin of all those gorgeous  pictures,  a photo agency based in France called Living Agency, I decided to gather my favorites here.

all images via Living Agency

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