Friday, 13 July 2012

Kitchen Snapshots

A few snapshots of what I'm doing to my kitchen. I recently bought an Ikea EXPEDIT shelving unit for the kitchen. I placed it horizontally thus adding more working space, which is always nice. I've decided that this is going to be the area of the two things I really like to cook: Cakes and Pasta. 

I've been looking for things to "dress" the wall and I just fell in love with that rack where I can keep all the recipes that I write down, or others write for me, or that I print or cut out from magazines, and never, never can be bothered to actually re-write on my very cool, but very empty, recipe journal by Moleskine 

I want a bit of a retro look here to contrast with the atmosphere in living room. And also because I often feel like I'm channelling the spirit of my grandmother when I'm cooking, so retro fits perfectly. 

all photos by me


  1. Such a great rack! Love your photography and blog, what a nice find!

    1. Thank you! That rack was one of those things that you find by chance and just make your day :)


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