Monday, 30 July 2012

Scandinavian style - side tables for plants

I have already made a post about vases and how Scandinavian style includes bringing plants and flowers inside the home. Today I just want to share with you two side tables designed for holding plants. I had seen the IKEA PS table table many times before, but I just discovered the Retro plant table and I think it's really pretty and would fit perfectly in my home.

Retro plant table by Cult Design   .   via

PS sideboard with 4 cups by  IKEA  

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Home Made Bread

A week ago I discovered a great blog called lark&linen. It's a blog with a mix of interior design, food and little everyday life things...the sort of things that I like. As I was exploring the recipes list, I found one for bread that didn't need kneading. The author of that blog said that that recipe was so simple and easy, that she did it on a Friday evening after a few drinks. I had never made bread before, never had the guts, but after reading that statement I decided to try it.

The original post had a link to this video where you can see the explanation of the recipe, and you should check it out, but I'll write it here anyway, to make it easier. 

3 cups of flour (all purpose)
1/4 tea spoon of yeast
1 and 1/4 tea spoon salt
1 and  1/2 cups water 

Mix the flour, yeast and salt. Add the water and mix it all with your fingers and once you get a dough it's done. Cover the bowl and let it rest for at least 12h. 
Pre-heat the oven at 260.C (500.F) with the pot that you will use inside.
Remove the dough from the bowl and shape the bread. Then cover it all with sesame seeds or flour.
Place the bread in the hot pot and put it in the oven with a cover for 30 min. Then remove the cover and leave it for 15 min. more. Done!

Well now, my personal experience was...interesting... to say the least. Not because the recipe wasn't that simple, because it really was. But because anything that could have gone wrong went wrong. And I'm the only one to blame. The most amazing thing though, is that in the end I still had a delicious home made bread, just out of the oven, for breakfast. Allow me to show you just how idiot-proof this recipe is.

Last evening I grabbed my little piece of paper, where I had written the recipe down, and, filled with courage, started working on that bread. 
going wrong n.1
1 cup of flour, hmm... 2 cups of flour...erm... I don't have any more flour. Ok, ok, no stress... I'll make a third of the recipe instead. 
going wrong n.2
Then came the yeast. I couldn't find yeast in powder in the supermarket, only in a sort of a cube "thingy", so I didn't know very well how to measure it. I ended up using a little chunk of the thing with the size more or less of a 1/4 tea spoon.
going wrong n.3
I had no problems with the salt...haha. But then I got distracted and added more water than I was supposed to for a third of the recipe. 

I started mixing everything and it was like if I had gone back to my childhood. 
(As I felt that gooey dough on my fingers I remembered the times when me and my brother wanted to do some collages and there was no glue at home. My mother would then mix some flour and water and that worked perfectly fine as glue.) 
I decided to wait the 12h to see if any sort of miracle would happen. Then this morning I went back to the bowl and the goo was still very much a goo. But I can be as stubborn as a mule and so decided to carry on.

going wrong n.4
(well this actually ended up working perfectly fine)
Due to the already described texture of the dough I obviously couldn't shape it into a bread. But apart from that, I didn' have sesame seeds to cover it with, because I had decided to use flour...but now I also had no flour. And I didn't even think about that until that precise moment. So what to do, what to do?... Oats! I always have oats around, for my pancakes and to have with yoghurt. It worked great!
going wrong n.5
As if I hadn't done enough stupidities, I left it in the oven for 5 min longer than what was supposed, so some of the oats covering the bread got a bit "toasty". 

But the bread actually looked like a bread. So I decided to take some pictures. Then I put it back on the kitchen table and stared at it for a while. I thought: what the hell! It looks like bread... let's see if it tastes like bread. I cut a slice, it was still warm, I spread some butter and home made strawberry jam, took a deep breath and bit it. It was real, I had made bread and it tasted good! Ok it was a very small bread, but still...
I've been wearing a huge smile since then, all proud of myself for finally making my own bread...despite all the things that went wrong.

all photos by me

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Scandinavian Style - Pillows and Cushions

Colourful or black and white... plain, graphic inspired, nature inspired, architectural inspired...whimsical or beautiful words. Your Scandinavian sofa needs some Scandinavian dressing. Take your pick.

cushions by Ferm living   .   via
cushions  by Ferm living:  image left via     .     images right via
cushions  by HAY   .   photo by Pernille Kaalund   .   via
cushions  by HAY   .   photos by Marjon Hoogervorst   .   via
cushions  by HAY   .   via
cushion  by lagerhause   .   via
cushions  by You Want This   .   via
photos by Rikke Graaf Juel and Frederikke Heiberg   .  via 
cushions  by IKEA   .   via

cushions  by IKEA   .   via
cushions by NORD   .   via
cushions by NORD:   image left  via   .   images right via
cushions by Louise Roe   .   via
cushions by Louise Roe   .   via
cushions by Louise Roe   .   via
cushions by Ylva Skarp   .   via
cushions by Ylva Skarp   .   via

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Moodboard - Wire Deco

   A simple moodboard for Sunday inspiration.

Annaleena's clothing rail   .   via
Weight vases by Decha Archjananun   .   via
ladder/coat rack by Yenwen Tseng   .   via
Alieno chair by Gamfratesi   .   via
Frame side board by NAUT   .   via

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Scandinavian style: Dinesen Wood Floor

I first discovered this Danish company when I was looking at some of the work from the British architect John Pawson (It was probably on a blog but I honestly can't remember which). Pawson was one of my first references in minimalistic architecture when I was still at the university, and the wooden floors of his works always fascinated me. So I was very happy to discover the origin of some of them. 

Dinesen is responsable for the extremely beautiful, wide and long planks of wood that cover floors all over the world. For this post I picked only a few of the houses located in Scandinavia that you can find on their web-site, but there are many more projects to explore there.

house in danmark by Lars Gitz Architects, via Dinesen Wood Floors
house in danmark by Lars Gitz Architects, via Dinesen Wood Floors
house in danmark by Jørgen Overbys Tegnestue, via Dinesen Wood Floors
house in sweeden by Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB, via Dinesen Wood Floors
house in copenhagen by Holscher Arkitekter, via Dinesen Wood Floors
house in Norway, Dinesen Wood Floors
house in copenhagen by Anouska Hempel, via Dinesen Wood Floors
house in copenhagen, via Dinesen Wood Floors
house in danmark by Knud Kapper, via Dinesen Wood Floors

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Chocolate "Brigadeiros"

Brigadeiros is the Portuguese name for a delicious chocolate treat similar to truffles. It's very easy to make and it's heavenly good. The recipe I'm posting here was adapted by my father to perfection and It was actually the first thing I ever cooked. When I was younger I hated eating, cooking and everything about food, with very few exceptions... being one of them chocolate (obviously). So before I even knew how to fry an egg, and having my brother as my helper to turn on the stove... because yes, I was that helpless in a kitchen... I could make Brigadeiros.

1 can condensed milk
2 table spoons butter, not very full (real butter, not margarine or such) 
2 table spoons cocoa powder
2 table spoons chocolate powder
chocolate sprinkles for decoration

You start by melting the butter. 
Add the chocolate and the cocoa powder and mix very well to avoid lumps. 
Then start adding the condensed milk. hold the can over the pot and let it drip slowly but constantly while mixing the batter vigorously.
Never stop whisking and let it come to a point of starting to boil and then lower the heat. 
It's ready when the mixture thickens and you can leave a trail on the bottom of the pan with the whisk or spoon. 
Pour the batter on a pre-greased plate or tray , let it cool to room temperature and then put it in the fridge for 2 or 3 hours. 
Then all you have to do is shape the batter into balls (the size depends on your gluttony) and roll them on a bowl with the chocolate sprinkles. 
I didn't have enough sprinkles for all of it so I used some of the powder chocolate too. It works but can't go back to the fridge, because the chocolate gets all gooey.
And they are better served at room temperature even though some people prefer them right out of the fridge.

all photos by me

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