Friday, 4 May 2012

Scandinavian style - Candles

via Nordicbliss
Apparently Denmark got liberated from the Germans in the evening of the 4th of May, 1945. That day (well, evening) the people celebrated their freedom by placing lots of candles in their windows, and that became a tradition until this day. So I waited until today to post about candles and candle holders, because it seemed very appropriate.

But in all honesty the Danes have candles lighted in their windows, dining table, side table, commode... doesn't matter where, really... all year long. Candles make the home hyggelig and they love it. I think it's cute and sweet like many of their other traditions and habits. 

photo by Bungalow5
Heima by Norman Copenhagen

from IKEA

by Ferm Living

String candleholder by Ferm Living
via Retro Villa
via Nordicbliss

by HAY
by Muuto
from BoConcept
from West elm


  1. The 4th of May - Candles in the windows:

    From the 9th of April 1940, when Germany invaded Denmark, till the 4th of May 1945 when Germany surrendered to our Allies, it was decided by law, that all windows should be covered with black curtains from sunset till sunrise, so that no light could be seen from the outside and guide the airplanes of "The Enemy".

    In the evening on the 4th of May 1945, when The Message of Freedom (direkte oversat) was transmitted from BBC London, all the black curtains were torn down and burned in the streets, and candles, as many as possible, were spontainously lit and put in the windows to celebrate the return of light and freedom.

    FRIHEDSBUDSKABET (timeline 2:12) via BBC 4 Maj 1945. Johannes G Sørensen fra BBC:

    OCCUPATION OF DENMARK (Ufa-Tonwoche 1940) German Propaganda:


    For further information watch "Matador", or even better ask Emil! :-D

  2. PS.
    In lack of enough candle holders on the 4th of May 1945 potatoes were used. :-)


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