Thursday, 31 May 2012

New Look

Today I felt like changing the look of my blog. It was like when I change the place of a vase at home, and then, without previous warning, I'm changing the entire organization of the living room. I wanted to get it more organized and ended up changing the whole image.

I'm going for a clean, organized, easy on the eye look...but with a pinch of retro, to make it more "homy" and more me. There are still some things missing, namely changing the pictures that link to the thematic posts. But I'm happy with the results so far. Hope you enjoy it too.

Monday, 28 May 2012

White stool

all photos by me

A new stool and a bit of spring inside my home.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Scandinavian style - Old magazines

I found out that reading interior design magazines in Danish is a good way to learn the language...either that or I found a good excuse to buy them. I know they all have their sites on-line but there is nothing like actually turning the pages and discovering slowly the new tendencies, shapes and colours. 

But at some point there comes the problem of what to do with them when they start accumulating. I cut out my favourite things from some of them, and make my own mood boards. But others I want to keep intact. So here are some ideas on how to deal with the old magazines laying around the house. They can fit perfectly in a Scandinavian style décor. 

via VTWonen
via Njustudio
by Arik Levy for Eno 
via Fantastic Frank
via Skandia Mäklarna
via Stil Inspiration
via Elv's blog
via VTWonen

Friday, 25 May 2012

Strawberry Jam

I hate buying food when I know I can make it better! And last month I found out that I can make strawberry jam.

I had some strawberries about to go bad, just 8 or 9 of them. They were already a bit to mushy for my taste so I didn't want to eat them, but I also didn't want to throw them away. So I decided to try making a jam... Yes, with only a few strawberries, and my first attempt on jams. I knew that it involved the fruit and sugar, wasn't sure about anything else. So without even measuring things I threw strawberries and sugar into a sauce pan and turned on the heat. I also added some lemon juice because, I think, I read somewhere (probably pinterest) about it. Then I run quickly to my computer and "googled" a recipe. It didn't say much more but it said to add balsamic vinegar. I'm all for balsamic vinegar so I followed the advise. Again, nothing was measured. I let the thing cook up to a point that seemed right (when you scratch the bottom of the pan and it goes "scretchhhh"). Poured the jam on a small bowl, covered it and stuck it in the fridge. And then.... completely ignored it for almost two weeks. 

At first I was afraid of trying it, and then just forgot about it. Then one wonderful day I was "browsing" the fridge, in search of something to put on my toasts with cottage cheese and I saw the little abandoned bowl. It seemed like it was time to try it. On my first bite I felt my world going upside down... It was SO MUCH better than any other jam I had ever tried. I didn't use to much sugar, and was sort of generous with the lemon and balsamic, so the jam was perfect for my taste, slightly acidic... oh I can't describe it, it was just absolutely delicious. 

Of course then I felt stupid for not having tried that before. And I made an oath to never again buy jams at the supermarket. 

all photos by me

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Retro Kitchen

I came across this web shop called Objects of Use and started wishing my own retro kitchen. They have an actual shop in Oxford, UK. And their mission is to provide the "right tool for the job" and be against the "throwawayism"  (in their own words).

Here are some of my favourites on their web site. 

all images via Objects of Use

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rebecca Newport

Since the good weather doesn't seem to want to come to Danmark, I'll find some Spring consolation in this photographies.

All from the by London based stylist Rebecca Newport.

I fell in love with the first picture. All those old cans...and there is even a yellow mustard one like I have in my kitchen...

all images via Rebecca Newport

Thursday, 17 May 2012


...because I love them.

Kanehen metal spoons via Analogue Life
Tatsuya Aida Chasaji spoons via Analogue Life
Semiporcelain spoons from Sfera via Analogue Life
Niels Datema bread spoons
Joshua Vogel sculptural kitchen spoons via Blackcreek
condiment wooden  spoons via Analogue Life
old spoons and spoon rack via Etsy
spoons styled by Rebecca Newport
checkered spoons via Anthropologie
spoons styled by Jenni Juurinen
dipped spoons DIY via Creatively Christy
"spoonplus" - spoon and chopsticks via aissalogerot
white dipped spoons via Ashes and Milk
my measuring spoons 
photo by Noel Barnhurst

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