Friday, 20 April 2012

Scandinavian style - hall / entrance

Here in Denmark I learned to take my shoes off when I get home. Well actually I'm still learning... With the wet and snowy winters it does make sense to abandon your shoes before spreading all the dirt and sand through the entire house. But maybe walking around in socks or slippers is also, a little bit, about the whole concept of hyggelig (cosiness) that seems to be so important "up here".

This habit gives place to a new interpretation of the hall or entrance of a home. Like with everything else, the Scandinavians master the art of turning this little (ok, sometimes not so little) transition spaces into a place full of character and significance. My favourite part is the use of the long benches, were you can sit and take of your shoes or boots, probably because it is something not very common in Portugal.  

I found a few examples to illustrate what I'm talking about.
styling: Frans Uyterlinde; photography: Jeltje Klazinga; via VT Wonen
via Skandia Mäklarna

via Femina
photography: Lykke Foged; via Bolig magasinet
via Sköna Hem
via Sköna Hem
via Bolig magasinet
via Bolig magasinet
via Bo Bedre

via Hemnet
via Hemnet
via Alvhem Mäkleri
via Alvhem Mäkleri

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  1. Oh shit it's me again! :D

    Hej, Catarina!

    Now I know, what I will give you for Christmas this year.

    So please, don't buy anything shown in this post till 2013. :-D


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