Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Kitchen utensils holder - pastel detail

I started thinking about the "Scandinavian style - Pastel details" post a while back. In the meantime, I needed a vase for my kitchen utensils and decided to go to one of those places with second hand "stuff", to help someone (can't really be more specific but in danish it's called korshærens genbruge), in search of a cheap and nice pot that could do the trick. I found a white flower pot that I really liked, I paid around 2 euros (maybe less) and brought it home. 

After washing it thoroughly, I placed all the big utensils, that were taking way to much space in my drawers, inside. Then I remembered I had a purple rubber band somewhere (yes I save all the rubber bands I come across with). I placed it around the pot and the result was great. I confess I don't like purple, and there was no pinch of pastel in my home until then, but I liked it so much I still have it there and it really made my day. So here is the proof that adding a detail of pastel to your home can be quite simple and cheap.

all photos by me

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