Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I'm an amateur. I fell in love with photo styling after deciding to start this blog. Searching through the internet, finding many beautiful blogs, discovering the work of talented stylists and photographers...and looking at many, many, many wonderful pictures. I try to learn by studying other people's work and by practising as much as I can. Everyday, when I'm photographing or preparing a post, I'm second doubting myself and thinking that maybe I shouldn't venture into such a unknown territory. And then, this morning, I get an e-mail from my aunt Carmo where, roughly translated, she says:

"Continue to photograph, photograph all you like, many books, tidy books, untidy books, pages, paragraphs,sentences that you like, photograph stones, running water and stagnant water, river water, and  pond water, petals and leaves, dog paws, cat paws, rabbit snout, lamb snout, Clic ClicClic! Do not stop! When you think there is no more to photograph start writing. Write by hand, in a machine, the keyboard, on a notebook, the exercise book, on the greasy napkin, in a pack of sugar everywhere."

And then I felt good and relaxed about photography and styling. Because after learning how to do that I still need to learn how to write... haha!

photo by me

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  1. Bliv endelig ved med at fotografere og redigere dine billeder.
    Det er altid spændende at lukke en ny post fra dig op, for at se hvad du nu har fundet på.

    Set med mine øjne, er du (også) visuelt meget begavet! :-)


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