Saturday, 28 April 2012

Šárka Babická and chocolate

It SUCKS to be on a diet when you come across with photos like these. All from the London based photographer Šárka Babická.

all images via Šárka Babická

Friday, 27 April 2012

Scandinavian style - Hoptimists

Last Monday, me and a colleague from language school went to a Danish shop, with things for the home, to make time until our next lesson. While strolling through the place, she called my attention to these little, funny, happy dudes called the Hoptimists. In the following minutes we must have whacked more than a dozen of them in the head to make them bounce up and down, while giggling like children. 

I got curious about the little guys and went on the internet to find out more about them. As it appears they were first created by the danish designer Hans Gustav Ehrenreich in 1968. They came in happy colours and the whole purpose of them was to put a smile in one's face and spread joy. Today, their family has been extended and they are produced in more different models, materials and colours. My favourites are Bimble and Bumble made of wood.

To find more about Bimble, Bumble and the rest of the family go to their home page here.

all images via Hoptimist

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Summer Houses - Portugal

Today I'm feeling a bit nostalgic so I'll put Scandinavia on hold until tomorrow and share with you pictures of some Portuguese architecture from the middle of the 20th century. 
The pictures were all taken with a Sony Cybershot, something like 7 years ago, so bare with me and forgive me for the lousy quality. 

House in Ofir, architect Fernando Távora

House in Ofir, architect Fernando Távora
House of Marinhas, architect Viana de Lima

House of Marinhas, architect Viana de Lima

House in Moledo, architect Álvaro Siza Vieira
House in Caminha, architect Sergio Fernandez
House in Barca d'Alva, architect Matos Ferreira

all photos by me

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Carline Van Oel

For this morning's pleasure of the eye, a collection called AM Montag. Styling by Carline Van Oel and photography by Daniel Gall.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

chalckboard paint jar

As I mentioned earlier this week, I made my first experiment with chalkboard paint. I used an empty bottle of Cocio (Danish chocolate milk), that may or may not have been consumed with some hot-dogs... and got myself a nice black jar, but since I'm not good at keeping flowers alive I chose to use reeds instead.

I ordered the paint from Amazon (specific for smooth surfaces like ceramics or glass). You are supposed to paint the bottle and let it dry for 24h. Unfortunately, due to some inexperience or pure "nabness", I put to much paint in some areas, which covered parts of the nice texture the bottle has. And the jar is full of imperfections because the paint started running down like a candle melting. I love it anyway but my advise is to not use to much paint in the beginning, because it has a tendency to spread by itself when it's drying anyway. And then if need be, apply a second hand later. After it's dry, it goes in the oven for 35 minutes at 150.C. When it's done you can use chalk to write on it. Looks nice and it's fun.

all photos by me

Friday, 20 April 2012

Scandinavian style - hall / entrance

Here in Denmark I learned to take my shoes off when I get home. Well actually I'm still learning... With the wet and snowy winters it does make sense to abandon your shoes before spreading all the dirt and sand through the entire house. But maybe walking around in socks or slippers is also, a little bit, about the whole concept of hyggelig (cosiness) that seems to be so important "up here".

This habit gives place to a new interpretation of the hall or entrance of a home. Like with everything else, the Scandinavians master the art of turning this little (ok, sometimes not so little) transition spaces into a place full of character and significance. My favourite part is the use of the long benches, were you can sit and take of your shoes or boots, probably because it is something not very common in Portugal.  

I found a few examples to illustrate what I'm talking about.
styling: Frans Uyterlinde; photography: Jeltje Klazinga; via VT Wonen
via Skandia Mäklarna

via Femina
photography: Lykke Foged; via Bolig magasinet
via Sköna Hem
via Sköna Hem
via Bolig magasinet
via Bolig magasinet
via Bo Bedre

via Hemnet
via Hemnet
via Alvhem Mäkleri
via Alvhem Mäkleri

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Black mood...

No, I'm not sad or depressed. 

I've just been doing my first experiment with black chalkboard paint, and now I need to wait 24h for the paint to dry, then cook it and only then see the finally result. So, in the meanwhile, I felt like sharing some beautiful pictures about black.

via Suvi sur le vif
by Annaleena
via FERM living
by Elisa Ossino
mo+mo living
mo+mo living

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